What kind of dogs are Siberian huskies? They're totem dogs, full partners in the life of a modern person

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We are proffessional family-type kennel, and we’d like to show that Siberians deserve to a part of modern human life. By nature, they really family-friendly animals. And your life will never be the same when a Siberian husky comes to your home… Read more

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Siberian Husky


Siberian husky. It is when your spirit strong enough to watch your dog run away into the woods on its business while the wind is carrying your screams away. And you still trust your dog because you are a family. You know that she’ll be back because it is about trust and understanding that your Siberian husky is a personality.


Life at the Husky’s pace. This is how you can describe people who are in love with this breed. If you can’t stay at one place even for six months, a Siberian husky is a good choice for you. They make you live an active life that is not about watching other people through the window. You’re always in the thick of things.




Life with Siberian is all about having an active life attitude, even when you’re retired. The Siberian husky’s our totem animal in the form of a dog. It’s when your values are way more considerable than simply money and status.


our husky


It’s worth noting that the Siberians are somewhat more than their mind-blowing exterior, extravagant manners, and always smiling faces.


People with big kind hearts, who know what they want and are ready to see their dog as a full partner and a strong personality will fit nicely to Siberian husky spirit.


Huskies make you become a better person, learn yourself better and unfold your personality in new ways.




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