March 8, 2021

Who would choose the Siberian Husky

So, who are they, those people whose lifestyle fits with Huskies?

Siberian Huskies are extraordinary dogs.
They love movement. This is a sled breed, after all.

How, where, and how long do they run – we’ll definitely talk about that in a separate post. And also about making it work in a city…
Put a like to this post, and let’s read on!

Huskies are acknowledged for being particularly intelligent and smart, as well as for having some vocal abilities. They don’t bark much, but they can speak the Husky language. Some of them do everything in silence.
They often do some funny things that you wouldn’t normally expect from a dog.
Their facial expressions are a whole other topic.
Huskies like to run after squirrels, other people’s cats to swim while chasing ducks.
Also, they are very family-friendly fellows if they have a clear understanding of their role in a family and know that they are well accepted there.

So, if you’re kind of into a healthy lifestyle, if you are fond of ever-changing life circumstances that a Husky can create. Suppose you are always interested in a creative approach to things. You are a curious person who does not like sitting still for a long time, monotony and routine. You want diversity, adventure, and hassle. You are always up for anything except a hunger strike.
Or maybe you are a person looking for answers in life. You love to contemplate and study everything around you, to create things.
You love aesthetics, harmony, and beauty.

You have a strong spirit. Otherwise, how can you keep calm when your Husky runs away into the fields when you scream, but your voice is carried away by the wind and doesn’t reach your dog. You need to have an iron-strong motivation and faith in your bond with the dog, which by the way, you need to build to survive all this and know that your dog will come back.
If you have a sense of humor if you are ready for all sorts of tricks and for the fact that a dog can think.
Then you will be comfortable living at the Husky pace. And the beauty of these dogs will only be a pleasant bonus to all the treasures that Husky’s personality has to offer.

How do you feel about winter and snow? About mud? Or muds.
What about some seasoning in the form of a dog’s hair during shedding?
And how do you feel about traveling in the mountains or about road trips?

March 8, 2021 Татьяна Карпенко

One Comment on “Who would choose the Siberian Husky

March 18, 2021 at 7:29 pm

So true…iron – bond…it takes some time but once its there ..there is nothing like it.


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