April 13, 2021

What should I know when choosing a breeder

This is an important point in puppy buying process

Why is it so important ?

Firstly. A breeder’s vision of life with a dog, his views, which will have arguments should resonate with you. And they will suit you in terms of worldview. This lifestyle that he broadcasts with the dog should also suit you.

A GOOD BREEDER is also a personality, a family in which his kennel is a significant part of his life. He lives and breathes it.
He has a certain lifestyle in which dogs are directly involved. In some cases, they determine this lifestyle.

Dogs do Play a role and do not just exist next to a person like cattle. When communicating with a good breeder, you can really learn a lot of interesting and useful facts.
• about the breed,
• about the content,
• about activities with a dog of this breed,
• about nutrition, about life with her.
• about the main points of cultivation

You should get the impression that you have an interesting dialog devoted to his Siberian huskies, but not to money matter. He will not be ashamed to tell about himself, about his dogs, about his activities, answer your questions, correct the course of your thoughts about the dog in the right direction.

A good breeder will constantly tell you that the puppy has good SOCIALIZATION, a strong nervous system, STABLE PSYCHE. And even on your eyes, he will be able to conduct some tests, explain to you what just happened, and outline the puppy’s reaction.

He will also talk about ANATOMY. Yes, dogs have it too. And plays a major role in breeding activities. For the Siberian Husky, as a sled breed, this is important. And the breeder will be able to reasonably tell you which parts of the body where, when, and in what they are involved and how this will affect her driving qualities.

The next requirement is his ADULT DOGs. Ask yourself whether you like their general appearance, behavior, temperament, coat, physical condition and psychological. Yes .. dogs have this item too! The breeder will tell you about their grandparents, show you photographs. Tell almost all intimate details about his pros and cons. Call some long names with a proud expression. And it will be really sincere.
Knowledge of the origin history of their dogs is of great value for a person who is engaged in breeding activities.
For him, his dogs are more than general appearance, breed names and puppies.

One more thing is You should like the condition, the behavior of the puppies if you were invited to the kennel and allowed to look at the puppies.
Were the puppies not scared and did not hide in their own way from you when you came to them?
A WELL BRED PUPPIES usually show their interest in you, pull the strings on your clothes, pull your hair, lick you, jump on your head and rejoice. BTW, it’s a perfectly normal story if the breeder chooses a puppy for you. Because if he understands, he will listen to you, understand what kind of person you are, remember which of the puppies is most suitable for you, and provide. Cynology, breeding is all about breeders.
This is not a money story. This is a story about genetics, biology, anatomy, the breed, and the preservation of its purpose and breed qualities. A breeder spends a lot more money on his dogs, dog training, and raising puppies up for you than asking for the price of his puppy.

Breeding activities are enough pricy. And it has historically been the business of people with money. And for the most part, it is a lifelong hobby. And to support all this stuff, a person can run a business completely distracted from dogs or be an employee of any other business company.

April 13, 2021 Татьяна Карпенко

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