April 14, 2021


This issue follows them among the people literally at every step.
And gives them a bad name.
So where are they running? Why are they doing this?

MYTH vs Reality

It’s simple. This is from great intelligence and curiosity. In addition, there is an unpopular opinion: they are looking for a new family for themselves because your Siberian husky was not given a place and role in your family.

Is everyone aware of the history of our breed? Siberian huskies are northern sled dogs. They run there not knowing where, then not knowing why. In a harness, with a sleigh. But they must run in a blizzard, frost, in poor visibility. For self-preservation, any normal creature will simply wait it out or will not meddle in vain. But not these … they should be like that, otherwise the whole point in such dogs would be lost.

That is, all these attempts to escape somewhere, to explore out the situation, to run to the unknown, far ahead – this is “genetic curiosity”

It’s the 21st century. There’re global climate changes. And winter already in winter lasts only 1 week in our area.
And nobody canceled genetics. They need to replenish their piggy bank. Collect new information, see and feel as much as possible. They become bored in the yard with themselves alone. All beetles, worms are counted. Bees and flies are devoured. The flowers have been dug up, the vegetable garden has been dug up. What to do? It is necessary to expand the scope of influence … so they expand.

There is a solution!
🔹Just go outside behind the gate with the dog for a walk regularly, every day. … Roulette or leash. We are heading for the park or just walk around the area. To go to the toilet and so on. This is the discipline of both yourself and the dog. It will be better for everyone. Remember? I talked about the daily routine of those who live with a husky in an apartment -> here
🔹 bike, the pull, and the harness. Mushing 10 km 1-2 times a week, for example.
🔹 Running paired with a dog. It is called Canicross. For those who want to learn to run, or lose weight, or bring circadian rhythms in order and other healthy lifestyle moments.
🔹group classes in the handling room to deepen socialization, prepare for exhibitions, etc.
🔹adjiliti is a dynamic obstacle course, you pass it with a dog on special equipment. A joyful, useful activity.
🔹and the most important thing in my IMHO. Try to create and tie a dog to yourself. Show her that you are one family (pack). Shared food, shared sleeping space, shared “work,” and the correct role and “place” for the dog in your family.

April 14, 2021 Татьяна Карпенко

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