In love with the Siberian huskies and see them as personalities

Life at the husky’s pace!

It’s when you can lazily lay on a sofa for a while, but then suddenly get up and go hiking or get into a car and go for a road trip. We’re up for anything except a hunger strike. Even though we live in a city, Huskies and breeching, bikes, hiking, sleds, snowboarding and skiing, long road trips, and off-roading in beautiful and unexplored places – that’s all about us. This is how we live, becoming a part of the present moment, forgetting about stress, office, and digitalization, resetting our nervous systems, replenishing energy for new adventures. In a word, we live!


Beautiful pedigree Siberian Huskies with balanced nervous systems and high-quality socialization – this is what we’re good at!


The purpose of breeding for us is to receive the Siberian Huskies in American type of show lines because they’re outstanding dogs with expressive faces, and this is what we like. Simultaneously, we want to preserve the breed’s historical purpose, which is movement and hard work. For that, we pay attention to height, body formation, and proportions. 


It’s significant for us that Huskies have strong nervous systems. We prefer dogs that are friendly, adjust to the surroundings easily, calm down quickly, learn fast, and, therefore, do not cause any problems to their people. 


We know from our own experience that a dog is another way of becoming part of the present moment, getting distracted from the office and everyday routine. They give us a chance to explore new sides of ourselves and become better people.


Tetiana Karpenko – responsible and FCI certified breeder



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