Gemchugina Severa Josephine the Love of the Emperor

Champion of Ukraine
Champion of Poland
Best of Breed
Best in Show Specialty Winner
Best of Group 5 Winner

Health: Eyes clear, GM1 clear, XL-PRA clear


This Siberian husky is allowed to do anything she wants because she is our first ever dog. To say that we love her is to say nothing. Hakka is a smart and tricky dog. She is observant, knows how to predict events in space.

Hakka is absolutely wayward. She knows which way to stop conflicts between dogs in her family. Hakka needs special love and attention, and it’s not just a pet or hug. It’s about true relations between humans and dogs. Thereby she prefers to eat what you eat, likes to drink what you drink. And wants to be there where you are. Though, be sure to go to bed at 11 pm because it’s time for sleep. And if you don’t do that, she will call you. Hakka clearly knows how to explain to you – to a person what she wants.

She is expressive in body language, and it is easy to get her. And if you still don’t understand what she really needs, she will do it without your help.

Hakka has a reinforced concrete psyche – which is valuable for us, excellent health, hardy at work, anatomically well built. Moves beautifully. It is in the growth standard closer to the lower border. She had already had 1 litter of puppies in 2019.

NameGemchugina Severa Josephine the Love of the Emperor
Date of Birth7 February 2016
MotherSONYA aka Gemchugina Severa Afina Peachy Princess
FatherLEVA aka Korol-Korolevich of Siberian Country, Eyes clear/ HD-A/ED-0
ColorGray and white, brown eyed
Land of OriginUKRAINE
BreederYan Shtandarov, FCI-UKU kennel Gemchugina Severa