Hakuna Vota Starlight Princess

Best female puppy of the breed

Best Junior of the Breed

Junior Champion of Ukraine

Grand Junior Champion of Ukraine



Her name is Phoebe because she is the master of the human heart.

This dog was born in our kennel, and she is the only puppy for which we made the wrong choice of owners. It turned out that the “failed” owners still have a rather aggressive cat which they had taken from the shelter earlier. And after a while of Phoebe’s residence at their’s place, that owner decided to return her to us, giving preference to the cat.

That’s the way Phoebe won our hearts. Now she is a member of our husky family. The youngest, the most beautiful, the most athletic, the fastest, and our girls’ smartest dog. We have high hopes for her.

Just a minute for information about its origin. Phoebe was born from a couple of dogs out of famous American and European kennels. Her ancestors are Accuracy champions of different countries. She is a descendant of winners of various high-level dog shows. Such as the most famous twice World Champion – Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas (USA); European champions – Asti Dog House Silver Bell (RUS), Misty May of Siberian Lady; Eurasian champion – Gentle Boy Blue Bricassart.

Her parents have confirmed their purebred beauty at international dog shows in Europe and Ukraine. Both parents are accuracy champions and have high evaluations within the European Dog Show in Austria 2019, the Bundesieger and Herbst-Seiger in Germany 2018.



NameHakuna Vota Starlight Princess
Date of BirthSeptember 7, 2019
MotherHAKKA aka Gemchugina Severa Josephine the Love of the Emperor
FatherMOTYA aka Www Motya Karnavalda
ColorGray and white, brown eyed
Land of OriginUKRAINE
BreederTetiana Karpenko, FCI-UKU Hakuna Vota kennel