Principles of owner selection

Whom we see the owners for our puppies. Whom fits Siberian husky. The classes of puppies whiсh are available from each litter of pur Siberians. We have waiting list for our puppies.

1.We do not seek to sell a puppy to anyone just to sell them
2. We are looking for responsible owners for our puppies
3. Our owners can be people of different ages and marital statuses.
4. We do not sell our puppies to families with small children as fun for children.
5. The minimum age of the owner is 25 years. If we see your serious position, then we will consider a younger age.
6. Our puppies may be available for dog shows and for breeding in other kennels
7. We do not sell our puppies to puppy mills and back-yard-breeders
8. We prefer to see our puppies in loving, responsible homes who want a husky as a full member of the family and will reckon with him and fully accept him in their lives as they are.
9. We do not sell our huskies to a private house for living in an aviary or outside in the yard on a permanent basis.
10. We very much welcome the ambitious and active owners.
11. We have a waiting list that you can sign up for and have an interview with us. If we are suitable for each other, then we stay in touch until the birth of your puppy.
12. At the birth of a litter, preference is given to those owners who are on our waiting list, and then to everyone else.

Puppy sale algorithm

The detail algorithm of purchasing a puppy from our kennel. There is an agreement, reservation charge, final charge. Also we do the interview with our potential owners by zoom video-call. Delivery to your country.Delivery costs are on the Buyer.

1. If we have reached out an agreement and we fit each other. And You have firmly decided that you want to buy your ideal husky puppy from us, then the stage of reservation and purchase begins.
2. The total cost of the puppy is divided into 2 payments. The First payment – a reserve, given in 2 months old  (in case of a buyer’s refusal, the reserve is not refundable). The Second payment is final and it is done the 2 weeks before the puppy’s departure to your home. If you want to pick it up yourself by coming to us. Then the Second payment is given on the spot.
3. Before starting a monetary relationship, we sign an agreement that describes our main requirements, describes your rights and opportunities, and the mechanism of payment for the puppy.
4. We have several options for ownership: full rights and on the terms of co-ownership (we will send the terms of ownership upon request for review and further discussion)