Our breeding principles and the main points

We strive to produce high-quality Siberian husky, guided with FCI and AKC breed standard of Siberian huskies. We produce the huskies with strong nervous sustem, stable solid psyche, those Siberians that are easy to live with, easy to teach them, easy to live with them in human society. One of our aims is to produce the Accuracy Champions. To breed only healthy dogs only with FCI, AKC, CKC pedigrees.

1. We work with the breed for the sake of preserving and improving their exterior and breed qualities and are guided by the Siberian husky breed standard FCI N270, AKC, or CKC Siberian husky standards

2. Our Siberians have famous bloodlines and look like a Siberian husky breed standard describes

3. The ancestors of our Siberians are the World Winners, European champions, International champions. They carry the bloodlines of Seppala Siberian huskies in the deepest levels of its pedigree

4. We select pairs only from dogs with pedigrees FCI, AKC, CKC
5. Only genetically healthy individuals fit
6. Mostly we have brown-eyed huskies
7. We do not concentrate our breeding on any particular coat color.
8. We strive to get our favorite type of Siberian Husky appearance in the American type of show lines
9. The pedigree head expression and the position of the tail in motion and statics are important items for us
10. It is important for us in the pairing – the psyche of the dogs that will be mating
11. It is important for us to keep the breed temperament and stable solid psyche at the same time.
12. We do not encourage aggression or true cowardice of Siberian husky specimens.
13. The aim of our breeding is to produce and nurture a highly social and high-quality Siberian husky. With a beautiful raccoon head, a beautiful dense painted nose, beautiful triangular erect ears on the top of the head, brown-eyed and chubby individuals. Necessarily, with a double-thick coat of medium length and a beautiful body.
14. We love Siberians of medium height and we try to keep the size. And we want to preserve their pedigree purpose in the structure of their bodies.
15. One of our breeding aims is to produce the Champions of Accuracy