Апрель 13, 2021

Сибирский хаски - больше чем просто собака

Curious, interested. Siberian huskies have it in their genes – to run to no one knows where in frost, in a blizzard, and without 100% forward visibility.
Therefore, they have no measure of distance at all. Well, that is, this is not a German Shepherd or Malinois with their willingness to constantly obey human commands.

But this is what captivates me about Siberians.
This love of freedom, this drive.
I love when they rush free somewhere into the distance, as much as the earth trembles.
Or when they pull me on a sled in winter at such a speed that my eyes are already watering – such a flow of air into my eyes because of the speed. Oooh my, what an Adrenaline!

At such moments, a feeling is born in me – heart for both .You and the Husky.

It feels like you’re harnessed to her heart.
And the Siberian husky is no longer just a dog in a harness on a leash. This is a full-fledged part of your family. A bit strange to look at. But true, as it is.

And it is no longer a shame to share your bed with it, and it is not a shame to share your food with it.
И внешняя красота Сибирской хаски это всего лишь вишенка на торте

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